Sunday, June 10, 2007

Aunt Audrey&Uncle Bill

Hi everyone, Bill and I just came back from Atlantic City to spend the$546 we won in Las Vegas. Plus the room was free. We had a great time but didn't fare as well. We took $400 to gamble ans came back with $200 and some change. It was worth it. We stayed at Caeser's which I wouldn't recommend. There were nice but an old hotel. Connected to it was Bailey's(where we stayn Vegas). We both still volunteer 3 half days a week at the AF hospital. Oh yes, I get acpuncture weekly for weight loss and have lost 27 lbs. since May 1st.Don't know whether this will go through as for some reason I am printing on a different format. Carmen isn't home to direct me. LOve one another. Aunt Audrey See youall at the wedding

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