Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Fathers Day all the dad's out there... hope all the dads had a great day. We spent the day at the beach today - what a beautiful day it was here. Our neighbors have a Wii system and my kids and husband were over there playing all day yesterday. Dean says to me that he would love to have one for fathers day - and so there i am scrambling at the last minute to find one and did not. So, if anyone reading this has any access to a Wii system - i will send you some money! Since we are on an island - we have very limited stores that carry it anyway and as soon as they get them in - they are gone again.... so I am reaching out to my dear, sweet family!! Now, of course, since only Aunt Audrey has posted in the last few weeks - I am going to once again, have to share pictures of my children!!! The top one is Griffyn with Deans niece who is living with us for the summer. She is a VA tech student doing her internship here. See - get posting and I won't be forced to send even more pics!! Lots of love!

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Goodwin Family said...

I can run around and look for a Wii system for you. NOt a problem. If I find one I will call you.
Love to all, Kelly