Monday, April 30, 2007

Hello from Little Ronnie

Just a quick to note to say to say hi to all. I woke this morning to many thoughts of family and how important it is to have a great family like we have. Today is 17 years since we lost Pappy and 6 months since we have Granny. Just wanted everyone to take a minute to remeber them both. So much has changed for us all in the 17 years but alot has changed in just these six months. We all promised to make a better effort to stay in touch and the blogspot certainly has helped. THANKS to Cameron and Charlotte for all the work we all need to take more time to add stuff to it including me,though Dave is slowly (bless his patience) teaching me how to do things like get photos so I can add things on...soon!
Love to all look forward to hearing from you guys and seeing those we can as soon as we can. "Little Ronnie"

Where is everyone???

Aloha everyone... as much as I love looking at the Seattle Stroud's new and improved house - I would love to hear from everyone! Pat, can we see the updated photos?? Your house is beautiful and it really looks like you put a lot of work into it! Ok, Poncho and Michelle and Kelly - pictures from your trip to Vegas??? Helllllooooooo???? I am sure some of the great grandchildren are/ or are going to prom - lets see those pictures! Mike - I am going to try to come home for your wedding... it was so wonderful seeing all the family - I can't wait to do it under happier circumstances!

Ok - I warned you all - I have more pictures to send of my kids - this is from griffyn's birthday party at the beach yesterday, (her bday was 4/10) and a picture from SeaLife park on Saturday....
Enjoy! Love you all!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Seattle Stroud's New and Improved House

Since Pat and Lisa are extremely busy putting the finishing touches on their newly remodeled house, I thought I'd send y'all an update. As many of you know, they've spent the past 9 months adding an entire story onto their previous home. They moved into an apartment last summer and have anxiously watched as their house was transformed. This is a preview of the new house, but if you are interested in this type of thing you can log onto for a complete pictorial review of the remodel. Pat promises that final pictures will get posted soon, as their move in date is April 15th!


Sunday, April 1, 2007

More pictures!

I found this picture on Jay's myspace page and promptly stole it! It is a picture of Christian and me last May when I went home for my grandmother Brown's funeral. This is at Connies farm....
I know that Michelle and Kelly and I think Poncho are in Vegas this weekend - I want to see some pictures! Jay, were you able to go for the weekend???