Monday, April 30, 2007

Where is everyone???

Aloha everyone... as much as I love looking at the Seattle Stroud's new and improved house - I would love to hear from everyone! Pat, can we see the updated photos?? Your house is beautiful and it really looks like you put a lot of work into it! Ok, Poncho and Michelle and Kelly - pictures from your trip to Vegas??? Helllllooooooo???? I am sure some of the great grandchildren are/ or are going to prom - lets see those pictures! Mike - I am going to try to come home for your wedding... it was so wonderful seeing all the family - I can't wait to do it under happier circumstances!

Ok - I warned you all - I have more pictures to send of my kids - this is from griffyn's birthday party at the beach yesterday, (her bday was 4/10) and a picture from SeaLife park on Saturday....
Enjoy! Love you all!

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