Sunday, April 27, 2008

Rendezvous in Philadelphia

Hi Everyone,

I had a conference in Philadelphia two weeks ago and was able to meet up with Aunt Audrey, Uncle Bill, Poncho and Michele. We had a great (although too short visit). I can't wait to go home for the wedding in October. School is almost over for the semester!!! I will finish in about a year or so. I will be FINALLY be finishing a Masters in Clinical Psychology and a Masters in Neurodiagnostics (also a psych degree but this one allows you to do testing).
I hope to see a lot of the family in October.



So excited!!

This may not mean much to you all, but to us it is a HUGE deal. Griffyn was accepted into Kamehameha Schools today! This means that she will go there until she graduates from high school. Only 80 children get in each year for kindergarten and over 1500 children apply for those spaces. They are tested and then invited back for classroom observation! Gabriel has been going since kindergarten and will continue there as well. Here is a link to the school if you interested...
I just wanted to share our happy news!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Stroud crowd Seattle house pictures

It's still a work in progress. We finally have the landscaping in the front done, so it doesn't look like a construction project. Come visit us up here in beautiful Seattle sometime!

Monday, April 7, 2008

finally some pictures of madilyn rose stroud

well, we finally got around on posting pictures of madilyn. she was born october 12, 2007. hopefully we will keep up with the family blog so everyone can watch her grow.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Glad to see posts!!

I am so happy to see so many of you posting on here! I love keeping in touch with family! But, we are still missing some branches of our wonderful ohana! Seattle Strouds - how about some pictures of your remodeled house?? And of course, the kids!! And how about the Hirtz clan(s) - I am sure there are happenings in your family! Let us not forget the rest of the Saenz family and the Smith girls, I have enjoyed seeing pictures from the Goodwins - Heather and Drew - your girls are beautiful! Cameron - the wedding was gourgeous! Jay - where are you? Liz and Mike, we know you have a new baby -and i see you can figure out myspace - but all the aunts and uncles would love to see her! Hope I haven't forgotten anyone... Christian and Jay - lets see some pictures too!

Well, we have been back for a week now, soaking up the delicious sunny warm rays! No, seriously, the trade winds have picked up and it has actually been a little more windier than usual. But, I will take that anyday over the cold weather we had in DC. Our trip home was great! It was so nice to be able to see all of the family. I wish I had been able to see more. I am so excited that mom is coming in May to spend the month with me. Deans mom will be heading back East for his niece's graduation from VA Tech. Dean will be back again in the fall for the Dover Nascar race. Dad is working on getting all the newphews and sons in laws there... so let him know early if you want to go. I know he wants Dean to come in June for the Spring race - but we are still recovering from this trip.

Ok - I will leave you with some pictures of the beach.... enjoy!!