Monday, July 30, 2007


Aloha everyone, I will not punish you with pictures of my children this time! I have a friend in VA, that due to a recent diagnosis of diabetes, will not be able to use thier time share here in Sep. Now, I would love it if any or all of my family would come here and use it....but I know that we all have busy lives and probably cannot. But, if anyone knows of anyone who may be interested in a quick trip out here - we have a timeshare available. I have it listed on my ebay site right now and this is a BEAUTIFUL hotel!! The best part is - it is only 5 minutes from my house so we go there all the time for the beach! It is item# 280138369619 , go to and click on advanced search and enter that number. It really is a great deal as that hotel goes for about $250 a night. Let me know if anyone is interested and I can hook you up with my friend! Please tell your friends as well!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Wedding Slideshow

Summer Fun in OC

Hi, Working and sweating hard. Finally today we have gotten a really good rain. I am posting a few more photos. Most of the ones I have are the same. It was great seeing Kelly and Mike and all "5" kids. Boy Mike is a saint. They were all 7 in a 2 bed hotel room for a week. Mike was so cool and easy going. Henry would have lost it by Monday and we would have been on the way back home. The kids had fun visiting with cousins. It was a well deserved "day off". I didn't realize Michelle's son Joshua and Kelly's son Andrew, and my Thomas were all the same age. All the kids got along real well.
Congrats to Poncho and Michelle, Hope we get to meet you soon and welcome to the family! As crazy as it is. Cameron and Sean congrats on your new house, decorating a new house and planning a wedding - I hope you are planning a relaxing honeymoon.
Mike and Liz - post more photos. Just past your 1 month anniversary! Congrats!
Pat and Lisa is your house done yet. It looked really nice being built hope it is coming along quickly.
Drew and Heather can't wait to see new baby photos.
Well nothng else I can think of right now so I had best get back to work.

Love to all, Stay Cool! Connie

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Ocean City Fun!!

First, CONGRATS to Poncho and Michelle!!!!!

Kelly and Mike came down to Ocean City this past week for a family vacation. Connie and I were able to join them at the beach one day (which is amazing, because Connie and I never have a day off!!!)
These are some pics of Kelly & Mike, Kelly's kids (Emily, Andy, and Evan), Michelle's boys (Jeremy and Joshua) and Connie's boys (Thomas and Jacob)...
Connie has more pictures that I will get her to post tomorrow...

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Another Wedding!!

Poncho and Michelle were engaged on Monday!! Although we have only spoken on the phone, Michelle is a GREAT future sister-in-law. Aunt Audrey and Uncle Bill loved her and said she was wonderful when they met her at Mike's wedding.
They are tentatively planning an engagement party for New Year's Eve and a wedding in October 2009.
I am staying busy with school and dealing with all of the rain and floods we have had down here. Central Texas has gotten over 20 inches of rain just in the last two months-and its raining now!!
Hoope everyone is having a good summer.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Busy summers?

So its been a while since anyone posted a blog - thanks Cameron for filling us in on the midwest clan! I have been holding off posting pictures of the kids again in hopes that someone will post! LOL I am sure that everyone is having a busy summer. We are - Griffyn is in swimming lessons 3 days a week - although she just developed a swimmers ear infection and she will have to miss a few days. Gabriel just finished summer school - (here it is a privilege to go to summer school), so he is now taking it easy for a few weeks. I started an online class that is an accelerated class in Early childhood - a paper is due every week - I haven't written papers in 15 years! BUT - I got an A on the 2 I have done already!! Dean is busy working - but we are trying to do fun things with the kids (carnival, beach, etc) as much as possible.... I turn 40 in a few weeks! UGHH - I still feel like I am 20! Well, i must get ready for work - here are a few pics! Oh and I got a copy of the commercial gabriel was in - all you see is the side of his face - but he is in it! Does anyone know how to copy a dvd?LOVE ALL of you!
Charlotte in sunny paradise!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Pictures please!!!!

Lady Veronica: I just saw your posting. Saying I am meeting with florists soon to work on wedding flowers, I would love to see some pictures and get some ideas. Feel free to send me pointers, pictures, tips, etc. to or

also, tell Mike we are completely jealous. Utah is absolutely beautiful. Vast areas of wide open spaces.


Updates from the Midwest clan

Hey everyone. So updates from the Midwest....We just got back from Alaska (which is why we missed the festivities down at the beach :( ). Anyway, the trip was amazing. There is no way to adequately describe everything that you see. I will see if Jay can post some pictures, as I am sure they are better than mine. :)

Drew and Heather made the move in April and have settled in nicely. It is great having them close by and to be able to watch my niece grow. Heather is now half way along and baby and mom are doing well. We are looking forward to the new addition in November. Yes, Drew will end up missing some football. hehe.

Other fun news...Sean and I bought a house and will be moving in this weekend. Mom and John felt the need to copy (hehe) and purchased a new house. They decided to buy, close and move all within a two week period. Yes, they needed the vacation.

Wedding plans are coming along. We should have something out to everyone soon so you can officially mark your calendars for March 8th. We are looking forward to seeing everyone and having you there to celebrate with us.

Well, I think that is it for now. Hope everyone is doing well.
Cam and Sean

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Wedding Pictures care of Jay (Christian's husband)

Jay included the following in a blog comment, but I didn't want anyone to miss it:

I've uploaded everything I took to my public gallery under Google's Picasa - the following url will get you there, (when you install the free program you will then be able to download the whole gallery in just one click)

There are some really fabulous pictures in his gallery--not to be missed!