Sunday, July 29, 2007

Summer Fun in OC

Hi, Working and sweating hard. Finally today we have gotten a really good rain. I am posting a few more photos. Most of the ones I have are the same. It was great seeing Kelly and Mike and all "5" kids. Boy Mike is a saint. They were all 7 in a 2 bed hotel room for a week. Mike was so cool and easy going. Henry would have lost it by Monday and we would have been on the way back home. The kids had fun visiting with cousins. It was a well deserved "day off". I didn't realize Michelle's son Joshua and Kelly's son Andrew, and my Thomas were all the same age. All the kids got along real well.
Congrats to Poncho and Michelle, Hope we get to meet you soon and welcome to the family! As crazy as it is. Cameron and Sean congrats on your new house, decorating a new house and planning a wedding - I hope you are planning a relaxing honeymoon.
Mike and Liz - post more photos. Just past your 1 month anniversary! Congrats!
Pat and Lisa is your house done yet. It looked really nice being built hope it is coming along quickly.
Drew and Heather can't wait to see new baby photos.
Well nothng else I can think of right now so I had best get back to work.

Love to all, Stay Cool! Connie

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sarah said...

It looks like y'all had such a great time! What fun! Reminds me of when cousins used to come visit us at the beach. I'm so glad that Connie and Christian finally got a day off together! I really wanted to stop by and visit on my way back to New York, but had lots of car problems in the days before so had to race back in the end. Next time I promise!