Friday, July 20, 2007

Busy summers?

So its been a while since anyone posted a blog - thanks Cameron for filling us in on the midwest clan! I have been holding off posting pictures of the kids again in hopes that someone will post! LOL I am sure that everyone is having a busy summer. We are - Griffyn is in swimming lessons 3 days a week - although she just developed a swimmers ear infection and she will have to miss a few days. Gabriel just finished summer school - (here it is a privilege to go to summer school), so he is now taking it easy for a few weeks. I started an online class that is an accelerated class in Early childhood - a paper is due every week - I haven't written papers in 15 years! BUT - I got an A on the 2 I have done already!! Dean is busy working - but we are trying to do fun things with the kids (carnival, beach, etc) as much as possible.... I turn 40 in a few weeks! UGHH - I still feel like I am 20! Well, i must get ready for work - here are a few pics! Oh and I got a copy of the commercial gabriel was in - all you see is the side of his face - but he is in it! Does anyone know how to copy a dvd?LOVE ALL of you!
Charlotte in sunny paradise!

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