Monday, July 9, 2007

Updates from the Midwest clan

Hey everyone. So updates from the Midwest....We just got back from Alaska (which is why we missed the festivities down at the beach :( ). Anyway, the trip was amazing. There is no way to adequately describe everything that you see. I will see if Jay can post some pictures, as I am sure they are better than mine. :)

Drew and Heather made the move in April and have settled in nicely. It is great having them close by and to be able to watch my niece grow. Heather is now half way along and baby and mom are doing well. We are looking forward to the new addition in November. Yes, Drew will end up missing some football. hehe.

Other fun news...Sean and I bought a house and will be moving in this weekend. Mom and John felt the need to copy (hehe) and purchased a new house. They decided to buy, close and move all within a two week period. Yes, they needed the vacation.

Wedding plans are coming along. We should have something out to everyone soon so you can officially mark your calendars for March 8th. We are looking forward to seeing everyone and having you there to celebrate with us.

Well, I think that is it for now. Hope everyone is doing well.
Cam and Sean


Goodwin Family said...

Wow, Congratulations on your new house! So, now, new guy is permanent!! Seriously - I am so happy for you both! I would love to see pictures of Alaska! Next time - HAWAII!!

Goodwin Family said...

Cong. on your new house and wedding arrangements. Yes, Alaska is fantastic. We lived there four years but still enjoyed our cruise there. I also recommend everyone to see Alaska. Audrey & Bill

Goodwin Family said...

Dear Cameron and Sean:
Alaska sounds so fun. Glad you enjoyed the trip.

It will be so great having Sean as an official part of the family.
I would love to come see the new house and you are so welcome to come up to Columbus area and hang w/us anytime.
Tell your mom congrats too.
The wedding will be so much fun, I hope you are enjoying planning it.
Hope to see you soon, Kelly and gang