Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hi to all, I heard the wedding was very pretty! Congratulations! The pics are really good. Beautiful Bride and of course groom. Looks like it was a fun time. Sorry we couldn't make it. This is our time of year to make money, and being Christian was off I couldn't spare my self. Sweating it out here on the shore. Sorry I missed you guys Peppy and family Monday. I work in our Berlin store on Mondays and Fridays. But call me next time you come through this way. We can do the RED ROOST! Some good eastern shore seafood.

Anyone doing any fun vacations this summer? Post your photos.

We aren't doing much but working right now so not to much to post or tell about. Thomas turns 12 on Monday! 12 going on 18. Boy I can't wait for the next 8-10 yrs to go by. I can't believe we were ever the way kids are now days when we were teenagers. He has to have a daily attitude adjustment to keep him level. Jacob is having a fun summer playing and working. I think he is gonna burn the tread right off the wheels of his 4wheeler. He zooms around the farm constantly. Henry is working hard farming and driving to Philly every Wed. night to buy the stuff we don't grow. All of our melons and veggies are beginning to ripen now so we are getting ready to get alot busier.

We have rented a house in Hatteras for the week before Thanksgiving so we are looking forward to some down time.

I better get back to work now, Just wanted to say Hi to everyone!

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