Thursday, June 21, 2007

Central VA Update

Hi to all in all distant corners of the country. Charlotte none of us are writing because the pictures of your kids are so great.... May have a lead on the Wii for your family will let you know if the shipment isn't gone by the time I get there. looks like some of the family will be gathering for the Stroud wedding hope to see many faces. All is well in Central VA life as usual with not alot more than wedding, funeral and anniversary flowers maybe I' ll post pictures of some of my work... My vegetable garden is going great guns with squash plants about 8 feet in diameter and producing daily. Dave is working with my Dad during the day and at Best Buy at night trying to save for spending money for when college starts in the fall. Mike is out wandering the wilds of Utah, Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico working with the EPA putting in ground systems to prevent the land from being toxic around oil well drilling sites. Seems to love the area but has discovered as small as Concord is it looks pretty huge compared to some of the towns he has found out west. Their current site is "a small speck of nothing in nowhereville " according to Mike, not even a hotel so they are living in a pop-up camper without shower facilities for the next two weeks, he can't wait to get back to their apartment for a hot shower and air conditioning. He will return to Lynchburg in time for school to start. Mom and Dad are doing well and looking forward to seeing all at VA Beach. Will try this again soon. Ronnie

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Goodwin Family said...

Thanks so much for offering Ronnie... I knew I could count on family! Kelly came to the rescue and it is on its way! We haven't told the kids - they will be soooo excited! And yes - pictures are required!! Lets see some of your work! Lots of love