Thursday, May 31, 2007


Okay, here's my shout out!
Michelle and I went to Vegas in early April with 2 of our friends. While there, we got to see my parents and got to hang out with Pancho lots! (well that's when he was not on the phone w/ his lady...also named Michelle ---yeah that's not a good sign)
He took good care of us all.....especially one particular night that I don't remember much of. Having a strong cousin who has your back is awesome.
ALL of it was so much fun. Charlotte has been on me to post to the blog so I attached these 2 photos.
I almost did not post the picture because in the one of Pancho and I, I am way too tired and way too drunk for words (YEP, full of excuses) I did post it because Pancho looks great. Albeit, he had only been in Vegas a few hours at that point. We had been at 2 bars that CLOSED....yes, some things do close in Vegas. We ended up at a 24 hour bar that had Karaoke...which ended as we were picking our song ! There is a god.
I will post about my children and husband shortly. As you might have guessed, they were not with us on the trip! They are outstanding and I am so blessed.
None of my adorable brood has been picked for any commercials---way cool to Charlotte.
Love to all, Kel


Goodwin Family said...

Who cares how you look in Vegas. As long as you have fun and you did. I will echo the sentiments of good husband and great kids. Mom

Goodwin Family said...

yeah Kel... you finally posted! I love ths pictures! You all looked like you were having such a great time! We will definately have to plan a girls weekend sometime!