Tuesday, May 29, 2007


So, last week, I took Griffyn for a casting call for a school commercial on the importance of early childhood education. Since it was at Gabriels school, I picked him up and took him with me. They need children of all ages, but not specifically 9 year old boys. When I got there, they told me to let Gabriel audition as well. He was the one who was called! So, last week Thursday, we had to be at a beach (on the other sid of the island) at 6:45am! So, off we go! Gabriels part was nonspeaking, but as part of a group of boys that were listening to a navigator talk to them about how he doesn't use instruments but the tides and stars to navigate. The navigator was actually a real navigator - he just got off a month long sailing trip to japan on the hokulea (if anyone followed it). Anyway - here are a few pictures of Gabriel filming... it is no wonder that a movie takes so long - this part is just about 7 seconds of a commercial and took over 4 hours to film!

I will get the final commercial on a dvd as soon as it is available. Here is a link to his school that produced it..... www.ksbe.edu -.


Cam said...

How cool is that????? You will have to make sure to post the commercial.

Goodwin Family said...

Hey Charlotte,
This is too cool! We just started Summer I here and I am way overloaded with classes. Sometimes I wonder if this is worth it at 40 (very soon to be 41) but I keep telling myself I am 1/2 way through my Masters in Neurodiagnostics fron Texas A&M/ Tarleton. I will write soon I promise.

Love to all,


Goodwin Family said...

MAN...Carmen I swear you are truly amazing. Hang in there w/ school.
You and Sarah just keep us all looking so damn smart.

Charlotte, Gabriel looks so cute. I hope he had a good time doing the commercial. Maybe next time he'll have speaking rolls.

xoxo Kel