Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Aunt Audrey&Uncle Bill

Hi everyone. I am surprising myself and I know Maureen Kelly will be shocked I got on the blogger? Carmen had to talk me through it. First of all Congratulations to Mike,Sarah and anyone else who has accomplished something. We went to Las Vegas the same time Poncho and the girls did but we wern't about to track them down to "check" on there whereabouts. Instead they came to our hotel. We spent a couple of hours drinking,laughing and had a great time. When we got home there was an invitaton in the mail to spend two free days and $l0 gambling money to Atlantic City(Caesars palace). We are going next Wednesday. As close as it is we have never been.We spent 4 days in Rome and 18days on a cruise back. Best vacation we have had. We went to Oakland,Md. for American legion meeting(post paid for it), and goingtfoto the yearly convention
for 7 days in OceanCity July 6th. I am not going any place except to see Michelle every other week(45 minutes away) and to Ohio whenever Andy is in the superbowl. He plays football and baseball which so far undefeated.We are fine. Bill is limping a little more from the stroke but we can deal with that. We both volunteer 3 days a week and have a ball. This ie enough bragging from this old lady. Take care and love oneanother


Goodwin Family said...

I knew that you could learn how to post on this.


Goodwin Family said...

Way to go Aunt Audrey!! I am so glad you learned how to do this - thanks Carmen for helping her out! Now, to hear from you Carmen!!....

Cam said...

Way to go Audrey!!! Now we just need to get the other aunts and uncles to update.

Now, where are the Vegas stories?????

Goodwin Family said...

Hey Aunt Audrey - Now you need to get Dad to do it. Look us up while your here! Maybe we can meet for dinner, we will load you up with some good Eastern Shore produce!