Monday, March 5, 2007

Posting from the Blogger Novice

Hi All,
Thanks for setting this up C., pretty easy way for everyone to stay in touch. Thanks for posting the e-mail I sent out this a.m., a few were kicked back for various reasons (file size), didn't even think about posting it here. Read the past few messages, glad to hear everyone seems to be doing fine.

Michele, Las Vegas? We (H and myself) are tossing around the idea of going over with some friends of ours the first weekend in April. Not sure if it's the 30th - 2nd or 6th - 9th. Shoot me your dates and if you all don't mind us crashing the girls weekend out, I would love to see you guys.

Hope everyone has a great week, as for myself I have the week off (just because), it's supposed to be sunny and in the 80's and after I complete my wife's "request" list I will be on the course working on correcting a slight pull I have developed with my new driver.

Adios, Aloha, Peace Out (my daughters newest slang),

Love ya,

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Goodwin Family said...

I love it! Peace out! LOL - my kids are both saying "my bad"....
Keep posting!!