Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Guess What Happened?

Hey / Aloha all,
First, congratulations Stroud, we knew you would cave eventually. I would also like to welcome Sean to the family, he has brought an enormous amount of happiness and stability to my sisters life, he has treated my mother and my Nana with the upmost respect from day one and even though he is a Michigan / Hurricane fan I look forward to having him as a brother-in-law.

Main reason for the post is to let everyone know that Heather and I will be welcoming another addition to our family in November! My wife informed me last Friday that we (notice the use of "we") are pregnant. Keep your fingers crossed for a little boy to carry on the Goodwin name.

On a side note, we are in the process of preparing to move back East! We will be moving to N. Kentucky later next month. Needless to say Mom and Nana were very excited about the move but the news of a baby on the way have sent them over the top! H and I are looking forward to being back in the Midwest close to family (and the Browns, Buckeyes, Makers Mark, Montgomery Inn etc..) and within a drive of the entire clan.

I will miss California however I am truly excited about the opportunity to raise my children around their Grandparents / Aunts / Uncles and Cousins, my hope is that I do as good a job as our parents did with us.

Hope everyone is well, look forward to seeing you all soon.



Goodwin Family said...

Wow ~~ Congratulations Drew and Heather! I am so excited for you both! I will defintely keep my fingers crossed for a boy - although the Goodwin girls are the best! I know your mom is not only excited about the baby but the fact that you are moving closer to home has got to be the best for her! Keep us posted!
Lots of love to all!

sarah said...

WOW! Congratulation Drew and Heather!! That's awesome--girls are great though, what's all this nonsense about boys :), though we are running out of Goodwins... Anyway--that's also so exciting about you moving back--we don't belong on the West Coast! Hope to see you soon and finally meet Halle--she's going to be a big sis! Very exciting!

Goodwin Family said...

Congratulations! I put my bid in for a boy or 2. just kidding. I think boys are super easy. With Griffyn as a neice - Miss High Maitenence! I would be soooo poor if I had a girl.
I just hope for heatlthy & happy!

Love to all Connie