Sunday, August 9, 2009

Michele and I have a new addition to the family her name, Daisy Marilyn Saenz ,born Aug. 7 at 19:53 9 pounds 21 and 1/4 inches we are at home now with mom and Daisy resting quietly . My only question when we put her head under the water to wash her hair it seems to trigger a crying cycle and i cant seem to find the off switch so if anyone knows where they hide this thing PLEASE im all ears here. No im only kidding she is so good at this time that i could not ask for any better . Ok im going to do my daddy dutyies .
Poncho , Michele , Daisey.


Goodwin Family said...

haha, an off switch? you mean they didn't show you that in the hospital? it's the booklet they give you right before you leave :) oh if only there was such a thing! congratulations to the entire family!! she is beautiful (and mamma looks amazing for just having a baby!!)!! mike, madilyn and myself are looking forward to a visit :) congratulations once again! love, the stroud's of va beach

Goodwin Family said...

Seriously, that on/off switch is right there - behind her ears! Later you get the option to add more...
there are the "don't talk when your mom is on the phone button,
the "are we there yet?" button, the poop in the bathtub button, the listening to Barney for hours and hours on end button, the "I can't find my pink shoe with the sparkles (NO - not THAT pink shoe!) button... and my alltime favorite button - the "WHY? WHY? WHY?" button!!
Best thing is - they come in all colors, shapes and sizes! You should order yours now!!

Actually, Michelle - Daisy is beautiful! You and Poncho are so blessed to now be a part of this wonderful thing called parenthood! Enjoy your baby while she is little - it will be only a blink of an eye (and 3459 hours of Barney & Elmo) that they grow so quickly!!!