Sunday, August 23, 2009

News from the East Coast...

Hi all,
Michelle receved her Masters with honors a couple of weeks ago(all A's). She is taking a couple of more classes.
Audrey is still entering contests, doesn't win much- but Monday won a BIG one! A $1000 gift certificare from Cabella'. We are going to Las Vegas in Oct when it is a little cooler. Audrey and Bill have already booked a cruise--18days- to Rio de Jenera. Unlike Connie on her cruise we have not had a total of about 4 days of rain and 1 of bad weather. Little Cooper is adorable. You look at him and he laughs! Baby Daisy will be cute- she looks like Poncho! I am sorry this is so long. One of these days I will master this beast????? It has taken me 1/2 hour to type it. Oh yes, the spelling correction doesn't work. Thanks.
Love to all,Aunt Audrey
God Bless

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