Thursday, June 12, 2008

Keep in thoughts...

my mom as she travels to Alaska today. Evidentally, her only brother is not doing well at all. He had surgery on his back about a month ago and has never properly recovered. He is now in ICU and they cannot figure out what is wrong with him. His wife has multiple scoloresis and cannot comprehend all that is being told. So, the drs told mom that she should come up there. They do have 2 sons (my and Connies ages), that are there. Let me know is anyone wants her cell phone number, just email me. She is in Norfolk now and going through Cincinatti and then onto Alaska.
Thanks in advance for the thoughts....

PS.... this is the 100th post!! Way to go family... love keeping in touch!

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sarah said...

hi charlotte,

told mom about your uncle and your mom's travels. she's keeping them in her thoughts and prayers. hope he is improving and your mom made it to alaska safely.