Friday, June 6, 2008

Cal Ripken, Jr. and Kelly

I recently attended a luncheon with Cal Ripken, Jr., formerly with the Baltimore Orioles (but you all should already know that LOL!)

Okay, I didn't actually attend with him but I was able to speak with him at a reception beforehand.

He was really funny and joked with me a lot about the O's and raising kids.

After the lunch we spoke again and he graciously signed lots of things for my boys that they had given to me that morning!

Hope you all are doing well and I can't wait to
see some of you over the summer. Love Kelly

GO O's !!!


Goodwin Family said...

awesome pic. My brother in law will be jealous. The just had a little boy andd named him Cal!


sarah said...

wow kelly that's awesome! i love that you clarified that you didn't actually go with him! : )

very cool--especially for your boys! how fun!