Thursday, February 1, 2007

From Uncle Gerry

Haven't got it all figured out yet but I will try and see what happens. Cam, you forget that old farts can use computers also. Sara I forgot that Katie and i are not the farthest nort (in snow country) any more. Even then it has snowed every day for 19 consecutive days in Akron. cold but not tons of snow. In case anyone is interested (Drew and Jay maybe since you both went to UofA (Fear the Roo!) the men's BB team is 16-3 and leads the MAC. t this rate probABLY WILL GET A ncaa BID. Charlotte, do you really have an open door policy? What happens when several families decide to visit at the same time without telling each other first. Got to work and get ready for tomorrow. Will see if this posts. LTAUncle Gerry/Dad

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Goodwin Family said...

Sarah, glad you posted "anyone know anyone in DC area!! Forgot you cousin Jay? Just read my initial comments. Boy do I need to work on my typing skills (or learn to proof read before I send!!) We finally got it big in Akron 15-24 inches of snow. Hannah, you are right - winter comes and we expect cold ---28 days and counting below 25 degrees. Even the ice is beginning to get cold! Drew and Jay your college alma mater is now 20+ wins for the season - Jay can't say I'm speaking of VMI or PSU. Go ROO!

Till next time LTA Gerry/Dad