Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Congratulations Cameron & James! It will be another exciting addition to the family! I would love to see pictures of all the new babies born already... he hmm Heather Goodwin,,,, I love seeing pictures of Madilyn - thanks!! Where are the rest of you all??? Come on now, I am begging!!!I know i am a pest when it comes to this blog... but everywhere around me here in Hawaii - there are so many extended families... aunties, uncles, cousins... etc... even some of Deans family is here. It just makes me feel a part of an extended family when I see pictures! Dean will be arriving in DC in 2 weeks, so that he will be going to the race with the "guys"... I am not actually sure who is coming to the race.. but I will be darn sure to send the camera with him!!!

Oh, I have put a link to the Maddock family blog right on this page... so please feel free to check us out!!

Lots of love!!


sarah said...

just one clarification--Cameron's "new guy" husband is named Sean. James is Cameron's former name--her new married name is Walsh. Yay for a new little baby!

Goodwin Family said...

Oh my gosh... i did know that!!! SORRY SEAN!! Congratulations to you both!!