Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Despite about 14 inches of snow !!!!!!! in Cincinnati on Saturday, March 8th, Cameron and Sean were able to have a wonderful wedding. Aunt Paula said that the cake, flowers, minister and groom :-) etc. were surpringsly all there. (not the groom part...Sean we know you are a good man and would show up)

Cameron looked beautiful--no doubt. Fortunatley, they are now off on a warm sunny Honeymoon!
Hopefully we will see pictures soon.

My family was suppose to attend but 20 inches of snow in Columbus literally kept us home.
The entire family extends best wishes to you for a wonderful life together. Welcome to the family Sean (aka "New Guy")
Congratulations, Love Kelly


Goodwin Family said...

Thanks Kel for updating.... see next time all weddings should take place in HAWAII! Where did they go on thier honeymoon?? And... what is with all that snow in MARCH???

Goodwin Family said...

OH....Brad, Leah, Zach, Jacob and John Patrick Hirtz did make it to Cincinnati to help them celebrate.... the good lord was with them on that drive.

AND...the happy couple are in Tahiti!!! sounds amazing.