Sunday, February 10, 2008

A New Rockstar in the Family

You might already know Mason got a drum set from Santa this
Christmas. A few nights ago I heard him laying down a pretty good "We
will rock you" beat. When I enter his room he's wearing his batting
gloves, ball cap spun backwards, and his sunglasses -- just totally
serious about looking the rock star part. It was hilarious, and
totally unprovoked. Check it out:

(from Pat)


Goodwin Family said...

I love it!! He is so cute! i am so glad the drum set is in seattle with you though..... maybe we can have front tickets to his first concert??
ENJOY! charlotte

Goodwin Family said...

wow! you are much nicer parents then we! He looks like a natural!!!
Love Connie

Goodwin Family said...

Long Live Neil Pert!