Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A new year....

Well family, 2008 is here and changes are already happening. Unfortunately, we are all busy and we don't get to see each other very much. It seems to take a funeral (or a wedding) to get a bunch of us together. If you weren't able to make it, Hannahs funeral was very nice. Dad extends his gratitude to all the thoughts and prayers that went out to him during this most difficult time. He sincerly apprciates all the cards and phone calls that were made to both him and to Hannah during her last few weeks. They really mean a lot to him. Please keep in touch with him. I have set up and email account for him - he still has no clue how to use it just yet, but I will make sure he knows before I leave! His email is . He is super excited to receive any email. It may take him a while to respond - but he will definatly read them. I am posting some pictures that were taken (and they are not of my kids!! LOL) Thanks again for all of you who did make it out here - and for those of you who didn't - we know you were thinking of Dad. Enjoy the pictures! Lots of love and aloha!

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Goodwin Family said...

I am sure we will all keep Uncle Ronnie in our prayers at this difficult time. Hopefully, we can keep each other in our thoughts and prayers throughout the year.

Thanks for posting the pictures Charlotte and for providing your dad's email address.

The family can bring out a lot of good in each other and the laughter was probably a welcomed break.

Hope to see some of your soon...

Keep posting those pictures...espcecially our new babies...Strouds and Goodwins!

Love to all, Kelly