Saturday, September 1, 2007

Update from the Strouds

Thought I would send out an update on the Stroud kids. I just took my qualifying exams last weekend--72 hours that I don't ever want to have to repeat again! Won't get my results back for a month, so keep those fingers crossed!

Pat and Lisa are just about finished with the house out in Seattle. You can see it by going to once you're there you will see the heading "House Remodel" click on the title "Very few things left to do" and the picture headings appear at the left. They are good, working hard and getting ready for school to start again. Haley is off to first grade and Mason is in his final year of pre-K.

Mike and Liz are getting ready for their new arrival possibly in early October. They had a 4-D sonogram done and her she is! Amazing the technology these days! I am very excited for the arrival of my newest niece!

Hope everyone is well as the school years begins. We are keeping Hannah in our thoughts and prayers!

Lots of Love!

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