Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I am so glad that some of you are looking at this blog - check your latest emails and you can see how to post a blog on here - not just leave a comment. I want to see all your pictures too! If you want to add pictures - look right above where you are leaving a blog (not a comment) and the little picture icon will let you add pictures.....

SOOOOOOO - for the happenings in the MADDOCK ohana....

Besides it being a WARM, BALMY 80 degree winter, we all doing quite well! Actually - we do have quite the windy days going on right now, but I guess we will just muddle through this cold weather! Have I made you all so jealous that you want to come visit me?? This is what I am trying to do! LOL

I have been working very hard and long hours lately. I currently work and manage a Gymboree Play and Music.... go to if you really want to see what I do! Well, they are franchised and the owner has also opened a preschool. Go to for more information on that! LOL - You will also see a picture of me and Griffyn as the ad! Anyway, in my previous life, I was a preschool director - so now I am hoping to be a director of this new preschool. However, the state of Hawaii has different requirements than VA did, so I am now very seriously considering going back to school. I can just get away with getting an AA - although I have a BS already - but in Business. So, I can now go backward and get an AA.... pretty easily - I think! Are you sorry you are still reading??? LOL

As for the kids.... hmmm - Griffyn was just in a photo shoot for the one step ahead catalog. Go to . Hopefully, she will be in it - she did a sandbox shoot. They did, however take shots with 2 sets of children - so I am not sure if she will be chosen or not for the catalog. She did make $110 for 5 minutes of playing in a sandbox! Not bad for a 3 1/2 year old. The catalog should be out in March - so keep your fingers crossed that she will be in it!

Gabriel is my handsome, computer saavy 8 year old... man - that kid seems to know more about this thing than I do! He is in 3rd grade, doing times tables and book reports already! I swear I don't remember doing them until much much later! He also takes Hawaiian language class and has speeches in front of the entire 3rd grade! His school has a webpage as well (of course!) - you can learn a Hawaiian word of the day every day on the site! His teacher has not done anything with their site - but the school is really interesting to read about!

Dean is staying extremely busy doing his contracting work... he is doing several side jobs on the weekends - so it is usually me and the kids hitting the beach on the weekends. We would love to take Gabriel to the Big Island this spring to see the black sands and volcanos! join us if you can!

We still need to escape without the kids - so if anyone wants to come babysit......

Mom has said YES to coming out here in September! YEAH - I will have her to myself for an entire month (hopefully!)- I am dead serious when I say you are welcome here anytime! We will always make room for family! We have several air mattresses and a huge treehouse! LOL

Ok - I am signing off now - time for bed - so, if you made it this far - you know all about my ohana! ALLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAA
Oh yeah - and the pic is my Mom in law, Lurline and the kids on Christmas day! Enjoy!

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Goodwin Family said...

Haven't got it all figured out yet but I will try and see what happens. Cam, you forget that old farts can use computers also. Sara I forgot that Katie and i are not the farthest nort (in snow country) any more. Even then it has snowed every day for 19 consecutive days in Akron. cold but not tons of snow. In case anyone is interested (Drew and Jay maybe since you both went to UofA (Fear the Roo!) the men's BB team is 16-3 and leads the MAC. t this rate probABLY WILL GET A ncaa BID.
Charlotte, do you really have an open door policy? What happens when several families decide to visit at the same time without telling each other first.

Got to work and get ready for tomorrow. Will see if this posts. LTA
Uncle Gerry/Dad